Eye on the Prize

...they lived happily ever after.

…they lived happily ever after.

A quickie.

A quick blog post, I mean.

Had to submit a bio for an upcoming “open mic” night for authors and the excitement vibe is too big to keep to myself.

(This sh*t is becoming real!!!)


Bio extraordinaire:

Lynette Landing finally took to heart what her 3rd grade teacher said a few decades ago, “Young lady, you were born to write!” Although not so young anymore, Lynette admits that writing is her purpose. After years of producing course curriculum, she began ghostwriting and penned a category-specific Amazon award winner. Her talent is put to the test currently, as she co-author’s her first novel. Lynette’s former life as a corporate trainer and speaker has taken a back seat as she develops her writing career. Her muse is the ocean, creek, or any moving water (including the shower).

Never lose sight of your dreams. Never, never, never! No matter how difficult. No matter how stressful. No matter what obstacles get in the way. No matter who bails on you!

Keep your eye on the prize and never give up!

*The novel (about a crime that takes place in Philly) is nearly finished. You’ll be the first to know…


Absorbing negative ions – Longport, NJ

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3 thoughts on “Eye on the Prize


    This article could not have come at a better time for me as I had written two books a memoir and an action novel, the latter also in Phila where I grew up. My father loved them both and wanted me to try and publish.
    I stopped writing when my dad took suddenly ill. He passed away in 2014, and NJ contested the “Death Tax” for over a year. I live just down the way in the summer, with a house in OC NJ. I have not written a word since my father died. I needed to hear, “Never give up and keep your eye on the prize.” I wish you all success and may all your dreams come true.

    • Your response gave me chills Robert! I love when a simple message has an impact, I debated even posting that last night! (Thanks for confirming my intuition was correct.) Your audience is waiting to read your stuff, so get going!! 🙂

  2. Absolutely Lynette, Your post was the kick in the butt I needed to put the next step forward. I realize or felt my dad still wants me to go after my dream. I just believe there are no coincidences, no room for such folly because coincidences are all pushed aside by excuses.

    Writing has always been a hobby. I majored in Theatre/ English Lit and only when I started to journal later in life, realizing I followed none of my dreams on a path of self-destruction, my eyes opened. I was encouraged by friends to turn the journal into a memoir. I even had the opportunity through a friend to send my book to a VP at Simon and Shuster.

    She just tore me apart, wanting to know if I wanted to be a writer and if I did then stop screwing around. My little 90 page “Novel” after some harsh words and much-needed direction became 400 pages. No matter whether the memoir is good or bad it was at least approaching something close to a novel. I hate biographies, but this one changed my life for the better.

    I have read a few books that were self-published. If I did not know the title, I never would have even found the books. Upon finding the fiction novels, I realized without an editor, unless you are the next great American Novelist, material self-published is full of mistakes, and sometimes the writer loses the reader.

    However, getting a Literary Agent is for the first time Novelist harder than winning the lottery, but if you don’t play you ill never win.

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