Cycling for Courage and Confidence

Jason Norton, CycleWard Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jason Norton, CycleWard
             Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Killing-it-on-the-bike Jason,

This is a quick thank you for being you and for bringing light into my life.  Never take for granted the small acts of kindness you do, because they’re not small at all.  The mere fact that you took the time to know my name and to tell me how impressed you were and that I should be in the front and center so you “feed off that energy!” as you put it…well, it did me a WORLD of good.  Just ask my son.  I actually texted him from the parking lot on my way out of Cycle Ward Studio to brag about that!

I’ve had the year from hell (well, actually two, but who’s counting).  A variety of changes, losses and crises almost did me in.  I went into a deep state of mourning that I’m only now beginning to process. To my credit, I made a smart move in heeding to someone’s advice and I threw myself into indoor cycling at Body Ride Studio in the Philadelphia area (see more below) and took my first class on December 21st.  I know that date is right because I was limping by Christmas Day!  I returned the next night, and the next night and the only night I couldn’t go, was Christmas!

Since then, I’ve taken 4, 5 or 6 classes every week at different places depending where I’m traveling. I’m not kidding when I say that indoor cycling has kept me alive through the darkest months of my entire life.  Before I left Philly on April 9th, I had already located Cycle Ward Studio in Ft. Lauderdale and registered for the earliest class I could take upon arriving in Florida.  That was April 11th.

Everyone of the instructors brings something different to the table and they are all amazing.  I checked them all out on the “Crew” page of the Cycle Ward’s website ahead of time.  When I saw your “tough guy” pose, I was actually intimidated and thought it might be best if I avoid your class!  (It’s not you! It’s my lack of courage when I’m in a state of deep grief!)  But one day as I sat on the bench in the hallway putting on my cycling shoes, you walked by with the confidence and joy of an ascended master! And you looked straight at me with a big welcoming loving smile and asked, “How are you doing today!?” like you really, really, cared about my wellbeing.

Authentic kindness won me over. I gave your class a chance. 🙂  Your energy was contagious!  And here’s what I learned.  1) You absolutely LOVE what you do!  (In some odd way, that gave me hope that my own life will begin to make sense again).  2)  You absolutely LOVE your clients and transforming their lives and cheerleading them on to success.

Today I was reading a fantastic book called “Broken Open” by Elizabeth Lesser.  It’s a profound read! It’s all about the stages of suffering that we all must go through at some point in life (some will avoid it and some will embrace – and some, like me will resist it until it pulls them into the fire kicking and screaming!)  Something I read triggered a thought.  That in the midst of extreme suffering, the simple act of thanking someone else actually eases the pain.

So thank you.  You are definitely a light on this earth.  (And complimenting my hard work on the bike really boosted my confidence!)


PS.  I can’t possibly publish this post without also thanking the amazing Jennifer Marinucci – Total Rockstar and Owner of Body Ride Studio in PA.  She, and her awesome team of instructors in Limerick and King of Prussia are the ones that got me hooked on cycling back in December.  They make cycling fun, inspiring and life changing!  They were my original inspiration to continue and they kept me going during some pathetic crying spells (right on the bicycle!)  I will be back to see you when I can pull myself away from the Florida sunshine for awhile! Love you girls! Lights out!

Jennifer Marinucci, BodyRide Limerick & King of Prussia, PA

                  Jennifer Marinucci, BodyRide
                 Limerick & King of Prussia, PA

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