Ask and Wayne Dyer Delivers.

Photo courtesy of Phil Konstantin (at KUSI TV, San Diego, March 2009)

Photo courtesy of Phil Konstantin (at KUSI TV, San Diego, March 2009)

Wayne Dyer continues to be my guiding light from the other realm.  It never fails to amaze me how I ask him a question and get an immediate answer.  I love you so much, Wayne!

Anguishing over the breakup of a rather lengthy relationship, I know I have to get over it, but find it extremely difficult.  I spend hours, days, weeks, journaling, praying, begging for the pain in my heart to go away.

Tonight, Wayne crosses my mind (happens a lot) and I ask him for his advice.  I say, “Wayne, I know you went through heart break of your own when you and your wife Marcelene divorced.  Am I a big baby or are these tears normal?  Did you feel like this too?  If so, how did you get through it and continuing writing?”

I hear, “Google it.” in that deep handsome voice of his. (Same old sense of humor!)  So I did.  I threw the words “wayne dyer recuperating from marcelene” into the search engine and the very first article on the results page was my answer.

I love his eloquence and vulnerability in discussing his own grief, which went on for 2 years until the day he had a major epiphany that changed everything. I especially love that the book he was writing (or prepared to write) during that grief – was the one that changed my life during the last major heart break I encountered (isn’t that called synchronicity?)  The Power of Intention.  It is also the book that I mentioned in my own book, in a chapter I dedicated to Wayne Dyer.  Who knew when I wrote that chapter years ago, I would find out now, what he was going through prior to writing it.

I love you Wayne Dyer.  I feel your presence with me during the best and worst of days.  I am forever grateful and I’m going to make you proud. – Lynette

Here is Wayne’s answer to my question in his blog.

Here is my favorite miracle involving Wayne that happened in Ft. Lauderdale in May, 2014.

Here are some special thoughts about Wayne that I wrote after I learned of his passing.

If you are a writer and you’re writing through grief, I’m right beside you encouraging you to keep on writing.  It’s what we do.  🙂


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4 thoughts on “Ask and Wayne Dyer Delivers.

  1. Maureen Laughead

    Thank you for your thoughts Lynette. I had read all but the thoughts after Wayne’s passing previously. I know how much you loved him and because of you that I read and listened to all of his material. I am so glad that you had that special time with him. It really brings his teachings, and yours to light. Personally, it is hard to listen to him since he died. He has left a hole in my heart-but I know that in time I will be able to once again. And I love that you are communicating to him even though he is physically gone. Thank you so much for your thought provoking, positive blogging!

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