Declaration of Balance


sacred balance

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A Declaration of Balance

We are the children of Divine Balance and we are no longer afraid of the dark. We have pierced your veil of lies and manipulation and reversed the curse that left us without a mother, and left our father without a wife.

Those of us, who have known the truth all along and dared to share it, paid the ultimate price with our lives. You watched as our books and our flesh burned before your cold emotionless eyes. You spit on our ashes and thumbed your noses at the wailing moon above that witnessed your heinous acts.  

But what you failed to understand was that love never dies. You see, we made a commitment to our mother to stop at nothing to set her free from your chains. We have kept her candle burning from one age to the next, despite your threats. We also made a commitment to our father, who you have exploited, distorted and falsely paraded around. You denied him his bride and dropped the mounting weight of an unbalanced world on his shoulders.

Your indoctrination enslaved a world under false pretenses and grotesque history, rendering the gifts of the masses useless. You thought you succeeded. You thought you shut down the truth. You thought it was safe to relax and live off the surplus you have stolen from a world you double-crossed.

 And while you mock humanity for our weakness and naiveté, and reward yourselves for pulling off the betrayal of all betrayals, we come like a thief in the night to take back what is rightfully ours. For our numbers are great and increasing by the second! And our commitment is stronger than ever! And we are bringing forth a tidal wave of truth that will not recede until every eye is open and every heart rejoices.

Let our commandment be etched forever in your mind: 

The Union of the Masculine and Feminine is Upon Us. Divine Balance Is Ours.


(A spark of inspiration hit me while walking alone on the beach on the DE bay during the full moon of October 2014.  Not my typical writing style, I had chills while writing it as if nothing else could be truer than this information.  Therefore, this piece is rather significant to me. – Lynette)

(c) Copyright 2015 – BarenakedTalk – All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Declaration of Balance

  1. Lynette:
    1. Who is the oppressor?
    2. How is the divine balance being oppressed? I would argue that masculinity is much more under attack in 2015 than femininity. OK to disagree.

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