Naked and Nude: Suffering and Release


“Naked” is speaking one’s truth. We were born naked and lately I see a growing number of people getting naked – not stripping down, but getting painfully honest about themselves, what’s important to them, and who they are in this world. PAINFUL doesn’t begin to describe the process that takes place when you finally reveal the true you – I know this first hand – I have been stripping down for the last 18 months and even chopped off some hair last night in a moment of desperation. Our inner truth will come out whether we try to stuff it or not. This blog begged to be reposted.

Bare Naked Talk

keswick-male-nude-sculpture-arms-outstretched-extra-large-13562-pNaked.  Nude.  Same or different?  I guess it depends on one’s perspective or use of the word. Both words indicate that a body is void of clothing. But the word naked (unlike nude) is also used to express vulnerability or transparency.  Therefore the phrase “I’ll get naked with you” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get to see that cute freckle on my (CENSORED).

With all the taboos associated with words like naked and nude, is it any wonder that we resist the desire to bare our souls too?  

There is an interesting connection between being nude (without clothes) and being naked (vulnerable, transparent) that you may not be aware of.  And a personal Facebook story describes it best…

A few years ago, an FB “friend” was baring her soul in various posts.  Having just lost an adult son to a fatal accident, her posts were heart wrenching and filled with grief. Generally…

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