Right brain = Heaven. Left brain = Hell.


I owe it to Robin Williams to clear up this confusion! RW did not write the post “Right Brain = Heaven. Left Brain = Hell!” That post was written on July 2nd and included a photo from the movie “What Dreams May Come” to illustrate the point of my post! Yes, I wrote the post and chose that particular picture because I loved the film and the beauty of the afterlife that the character creates with imagination. And I went on to explain how my mind can take me to dark places as well as amazing places – based on imagination.

Last night, I wondered why my phone was buzzing like crazy (alerting me that there was activity on my blog site) when I haven’t posted a new blog in weeks. That’s when I found out about RW’s passing – but what did his passing have to do with my post???

It only took me a few minutes to figure it out. Someone out there (who was obviously stuck in their left brain), did a google search on “Robin Williams” and “conspiracy theory” and landed up at my particular post due to key words. This person made the incorrect assumption that Robin wrote the “Left Brain/Right Brain” post and then reposted it on a conspiracy forum that has a very large following. Next thing you know, tons and tons and TONS of people were following suit and making the same incorrect assumption that RW wrote a post that I actually wrote!

I sat there reading comment after comment on the conspiracy theory forum, and cringed in horror for poor Robin who can’t even defend himself! Folks, I didn’t know him personally – therefore, I don’t know if his ‘train went off track’ the way I said my often does – so please, be careful not to start new conspiracies! And don’t assume that something is true because one well intentioned, but misguided blog-reposter says it is! This is the stuff that can destroy reputations, hurt family members and stick around long enough that it is becomes a ‘false truth’. Do you understand what I mean?

The last 24 hours has really opened my eyes to the fact that conspiracy forums can be dangerous fodder for the mind! (Although I already knew that, I see it on a whole new level now!)

Robin, you were a hero in my life – your bubbly personality, your humor, your silly expressions, your slap stick. I imagine now that you are free from a world of confusion, you may even be laughing at the irony of this particular situation. I know you will have the time of your life (time of your spirit?) painting your heaven with vivid colors of limitless imagination. Enjoy your new journey, funny man 🙂

Bare Naked Talk

I’m no scientist, so don’t bother being a big-dumby-left-brain by scrolling down and looking for statistics.  You won’t find them.  You will, however, find this lovely picture…

"What Dreams May Come" (1998) Robin Williams in “What Dreams May Come” (1998)

And that makes me happy.  My right brain and my heart are in cahoots, so when I engage the right brain, I see the good in the world and I’m happy (and happiness is contagious).

But when I engage my left brain (without any help from the right brain), it’s dismal.  See, I have these difficult days when my left brain kicks in and hunts down the “truth about the world” that I tell myself I deserve to know.  And I go from one subject to another (and another) and within a few hours, I sink into a pit of hell as my left brain races off the track like a train out of…

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2 thoughts on “Right brain = Heaven. Left brain = Hell.

  1. Alex

    Its amazing how quickly things can spiral out of control. I was lead to that post via a youtube comment claiming it was written by R. Williams. Thanks for setting the record straight.

    • Alex, You are so right! It really shows how non-truths can be circulated so much they become truths! Pretty scary! A YouTube comment brought you to the post? Whoa – spiraling out of control is an understatement! – Lynette

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