Right brain = Heaven. Left brain = Hell.


I’m no scientist, so don’t bother being a big-dumby-left-brain by scrolling down and looking for statistics.  You won’t find them.  You will, however, find this lovely picture…

"What Dreams May Come" (1998)

Robin Williams in “What Dreams May Come” (1998)

And that makes me happy.  My right brain and my heart are in cahoots, so when I engage the right brain, I see the good in the world and I’m happy (and happiness is contagious).

But when I engage my left brain (without any help from the right brain), it’s dismal.  See, I have these difficult days when my left brain kicks in and hunts down the “truth about the world” that I tell myself I deserve to know.  And I go from one subject to another (and another) and within a few hours, I sink into a pit of hell as my left brain races off the track like a train out of control – I’m talking way past the usual things like financial pressure, lack of work, health issues of family members, world hunger, a skin tag growing in an uncomfortable place, biting mosquitos, rising gas prices and too much traffic.

No, no, no…it’s much worse.  This train goes way off the track towards GMOs, Chemtrails, New World Order, Human Trafficking and a slew of other horrendous issues that pull my interests away from normal-everyday-annoying-bull-crap-type-stressors and into hours of concern which leads to hours of research, where I learn about even bigger and nastier atrocities that are supposedly hidden from us…which in turn leads to way more concern and ultimately, depression.

And that, my friends, renders me completely useless.  My energy plummets.  I can’t smile. I’m not fun to be around. I become paranoid.  Possibly even snappy.  I basically land up in HELL and stay there until I finally get a grip and make a conscious decision to “smell the roses” again and get back into my Right brain.

My left brain can be my biggest enemy when I let it loose.  I take myself too seriously at times.  I take the world too seriously.  And the bottom line is, I land up perpetuating the problem.  Of course I know some people will jump all over that – yes, I’ve heard it before.  Like the time, I commented on a Facebook post, and some other commenter (a guy I don’t know) labeled me “sheeple” and “weak” and told me I was part of the problem and said “Do the world a favor and educate yourself before you comment on something you don’t understand!”

Oddly, he and I were in agreement about the horrendous issue (it was an upsetting quote by a certain Rockefeller), but when I mentioned (in my comment) the need for us to create more love in the world, he completely lost it and launched his attack on me.

My last comment to him was “Whoa dude! I am not the enemy!”  That didn’t stop him – he continued ranting about “ignorant people” [like me] “who hide [their] head in the sand!”  I let it go and he got the last word – why argue with an unreasonable person who makes claims about someone they don’t even know?  But he helped me to realize how a “concerned citizen” can actually perpetuate the very problem that he/she hates so much!  His negativity and hatred for the elite, for GMOs, for NWO, etc., only fuels that fire.  It feeds their cause!  Hatred and negativity only breeds more hatred and negativity!

While he may think he’s making a difference, I can only base my opinion on energy.  If it feels good, my energy is pumped up and I’m contributing good vibes to myself and to the world (like I said, happiness is contagious) and people like to be near me.  If it feels horrible, my energy plummets, I’m filled with fear and negativity – and not a lot of fun to be around!  That’s not helping anyone!  So judge me if you will, but that’s on you.

I will say this – In a world where we all play teacher and student, I did come to the conclusion that as much as I didn’t like to be judged by some stranger, maybe, just maybe, he taught me (in an odd sort of way), that I have no right to judge either.  I had based my opinion on research, but who’s to say for sure?  Only the supreme creator.

Regardless of the issue, my biggest lesson is this:  My left brain can be beneficial if my right brain supervises (because my right brain is led by my heart).  Right brain is light, happy, hopeful, fun, creative, open, carefree, and and even manifests MIRACLES (as I mentioned in a former post about a miraculous meeting with Wayne Dyer).

Left brain, on the other hand, is often serious, suspicious, paranoid, fearful, hopeless, withdrawn, or closed off to miracles.  And when it’s off on it’s own, all HELL breaks loose and it isn’t pretty!

So repeat after me:  Right Brain = Heaven.  Left Brain = Hell.



33 thoughts on “Right brain = Heaven. Left brain = Hell.

  1. Libby

    Someone on a dumb conspiracy forum I get hooked on linked to this post. The topic is Robin Williams’ death by suicide today. I sit here crying, mourning his death, angry at the senselessness of it, of so many things wrong in the world… and at the same time considering the idea that ending it all was his way of finding relief from the pain. Your words are helpful. But I am so sad. So very very sad. I imagine he thought leaving his wife and 25 yo daughter would somehow be better for them than sticking around. The pain of that is excruciating to me. He was such a beautiful soul. He gave so much.

    • mike

      Dumb conspiracy forum…please…they all have their place…some are really out there compared to what we have been programmed to believe…but you have to take everything with slight skepticism. ..even the “real news” creative people and highly intelligent people are often the most tortured in their own minds because they see everything for what it is and can’t just brush it off…we should all be sad but you can never understand how powerful those feelings can be..i hope you have never or will never feel that kind of sadness

  2. Daniel

    I didn’t know Robin, but nevertheless wish I’d been able to talk to him, just once, maybe yesterday. I don’t fool myself into believing I am so powerful I could have saved his life, but I would have liked to have tried, to have given him pause, just enough reason to make it through one more day. But then maybe that would merely have extended his pain. Who am I to say?

  3. Anon E. Moose

    Good post and all, but the whole “right brain-left brain” thing has long been known as inaccurate garbage. I think more accurate terms for Mr. Williams’ duality would be Optimist/Realist. Sometimes the world is a bitch of a place to live in. Looks like old Robin’s left brain got the better of him.

  4. uhm its not the left side..i gotta deeeppplyy disagree with you there.. the brain only processes what WE present to it.. its the reptilian part that dictates fear.. just dont feed the monster..we actually have 3 parts to our brain… look up reptilian factor will ya? youre scaring people and you risk going schizo… you must seek all knowledge and basic physics classes… Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. Therefore there is not such thing as fear based information. You control your fears and emotions and manifest your reality through that. Seeing how you react to this type of information as fearful leads me to assume you will benefit from some soul searching… its not fearful.. it just is what it is.. a full understanding brings comfort.. do not blame your left brain you will cause dissonance and truly go crazy…

    “Everything is energy and thats all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, its physics”. AE

    • Vash… – I appreciate your comment. Regardless of the words we use (left brain, right brain, or ‘reptilian’ as you said), the concept behind both my post and your comment is essentially the same, although you may not see it that way right now. Since, as you said, ‘there is no such thing as fear based information’, then I feel confident that my post hasn’t scared anyone 😉 – Lynette

  5. victoryintruth

    Knowing what’s really going on can do that to ya but it’s necessary to get past the depressing feelings, the feelings of helplessness and that takes time, differing for each individual. For sure, we need much more love in this world. I choose to be well aware, do my best to care for my body and mind, and be a monkey-wrench in the machinery built by the cabal. Some listen, are paying attention, some dismiss what’s right before their eyes and some are so bedazzled by the trinkets made for their total distraction.

    For whatever reason Mr. Williams left this existence, many of us are very thankful that he shared his wicked genius and creativity with us. Rest in peace, dear soul.

  6. Drew

    You were in my life for so long it’s not going to be the same without you there. From your TV shows when I was a kid, your movies when I was a teen, your stand-up when I was an adult. You made a difference, made me smile, and you will be missed.

    Thank you.

  7. Reblogged this on Bare Naked Talk and commented:

    I owe it to Robin Williams to clear up this confusion! RW did not write the post “Right Brain = Heaven. Left Brain = Hell!” That post was written on July 2nd and included a photo from the movie “What Dreams May Come” to illustrate the point of my post! Yes, I wrote the post. I chose that particular picture because I loved the film and the beauty of the afterlife that the character creates with imagination. And I went on to explain how my mind can take me to dark places as well as amazing places – based on imagination.

    Last night, I wondered why my phone was buzzing like crazy (alerting me that there was activity on my blog site) when I haven’t posted a new blog in weeks. That’s when I found out about RW’s passing – but what did his passing have to do with my post???

    It only took me a few minutes to figure it out. Someone out there (who was obviously stuck in their left brain), did a google search on “Robin Williams” and “conspiracy theory” and landed up at my particular post due to key words. This person made the incorrect assumption that Robin wrote the “Left Brain/Right Brain” post and then reposted it on a conspiracy forum that has a very large following. Next thing you know, tons and tons and TONS of people were following suit and making the same incorrect assumption that RW wrote a post that I actually wrote! I sat there reading comment after comment on the conspiracy theory forum, and cringed in horror for poor Robin who can’t even defend himself! Folks, I didn’t know him personally – therefore, I don’t know if his ‘train went off track’ the way I said my often does – so please, be careful not to start new conspiracies! And don’t assume that something is true because one well intentioned, but misguided blog-reposter says it is! This is the stuff that can destroy reputations, hurt family members and stick around long enough that it is becomes a ‘false truth’. Do you understand what I mean?

    The last 24 hours has really opened my eyes to the fact that conspiracy forums can be dangerous fodder for the mind! (Although I already knew that, I see it on a whole new level now!)

    Robin, you were a hero in my life – your bubbly personality, your humor, your silly expressions, your slap stick. I imagine now that you are free from a world of confusion, you may even be laughing at the irony of this particular situation. I know you will have the time of your life (time of your spirit?) painting your heaven with vivid colors of limitless imagination. Enjoy your new journey, funny man 🙂

    • Tammy

      I didn’t come in thinking RW had written this but I would like to share the perspective it gave me and which I thought you meant to convey, since I didn’t even notice the date and assumed it was a memorial type post.

      Anyway, I felt like you were trying to get people to understand to focus and the good and beautiful things because alternately, when they dwell into negative things (such as conspiracy which is being discussed around RW’s death), they are broadcasting negative vibes – which is assuredly what the dark cabal wants. Whether you believe they are feeding off the energy or using it for other nefarious purposes. I wonder if this is why we feel “drained” when we are in that mental place?

      Bottom line, you are giving them what they want when you are distracted, unproductive, sad etc., so don’t dwell there. Starve the beast and bring on whichever betterment of humanity story you subscribe to.

      With that out of the way, I can say I fell into this trap for a couple days too, regarding the death of RW. I have been watching movies of his I had not known about and reading articles about his life to see if I could see any evidence of his sadness or shyness, wondering how I could have missed it all these years (since Happy Days guest appearance and Mork & Mindy!)

      TL;DR version. I gained perspective again after reading this article. Also, BE HAPPY.

    • Stir Fry – None of us know why he took his life, but I do know he didn’t write this particular post because I did, so I can’t assume any of the issues I mentioned in that post were even things that crossed his mind. – Lynette

  8. michael

    This is Robin Williams my great childhood hero.. i just cant see him hanging himself. no fing way! after my childhood in the 80’s i went to watch the movie hook in the early 90’s. loved him. when i had heard he died first thing i thought was the same of those who killed many others for speaking out, however i dont recall Robin really ever speaking out against the darkness of the world, so now i just really dont even know…. 😦

  9. Not stupid

    Robin Williams DID NOT write this. It just has a picture of him, otherwise completely unrelated. (edited by barenakedtalk)

  10. The brain is connected to the heart.not just the left side of it.
    I disagree with whoever made this post.
    The so-called know-it-all’s think they have it all figured out,
    I do not know where they get the idea
    that they got the ultimate guide to life at?
    Everybody has flaws and makes mistakes,even me.
    I refuse to lie and lead people on.

    • 4real: You are certainly allowed to disagree with my post. I’m not holding your arm behind your back… (The post isn’t based on science and I said that in the very first line – it’s therefore called an opinion). You “refuse to lie and lead people on” – I’d suggest you also refuse to criticize bloggers who are sharing their philosophy with others who may have a similar thought process. Life’s too short for name-calling, don’t you agree? – Lynette

  11. Wow, this was awesome!! I’ve been making a lot of changes in my life lately and most of the positive things have come from spending more time doing positive (“right”-brain or from-the-heart) thinking.

    I used to be a grumpy atheist who wasted hours of my life sitting and thinking about how messed up everything was and “how dumb religious people are”, obsessing over diagnosing myself with Asperger’s and various mood/social disorders (trying to figure out how to “fix” myself in a very “left”-brained way), reading about problems in the world and whose alleged fault it was, and thinking about how horrible people were for being too rigidly socialized and treating each other badly. I might have been one of those people who would leave comments like “get educated” on a post like this, which is horrible because your message is so important.

    Now I realize we really do need to be the change we want to see in the world, I have a lot of different kinds of friends (some of them people I would have thought were idiots or “sheeple” in the past without bothering to really get to know them), I switched from making corporate websites in the software development field to doing social work with mentally ill people where I have personally changed people for the better (just for acting and speaking from my heart, believing in them and treating them as human beings). I smile at strangers who used to intimidate me and GET SMILES BACK. I also realized how important spirituality is and I can see the positives in so many faiths. I’m a better artist, musician, and PERSON in general, I could go on and on, sorry for talking about myself so much, but this post just really rang true with me and I see some people attacked you or thought you were Robin Williams.

    Incidentally, I heard that Robin Williams was already dying and his decision to pull the plug was made with the support of family. Haven’t googled it though.

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