Wayne Dyer and Me (Part 1)


How I manifested time with the master of manifestation.

Many people have been asking me to explain in detail, what I did to have this happen:


Yup, that’s me with Dr. Wayne Dyer in early May.  It’s been about 6 weeks and I’m finally putting it in writing.  Don’t worry – this is not a “6 Steps to Manifest Your Desires” manual or “The Lost Key to the Secret of the Real Secret” eBook.  Haven’t we had enough of those already?  And truth be told, I’m not really sure what the magic formula is!  I can knock myself out trying to manifest some things, and see no results, and yet some things come to me in the most miraculous of ways.  So to those of you who asked, maybe you’ll see something here that I don’t.  Either way, thanks for letting me share!

A little background information:  My interest in Dr. Dyer dates back to the late 90s when someone gave me his book “You’ll See it When You Believe It.”  I soaked it up like a sponge and went on to read several others he authored.  I not only loved his philosophy, I practiced it, lived it, and saw the results.  And a personal transformation took place – my former “life stinks” attitude was replaced with a “life is a reflection of me therefore I choose to be great” attitude.  Suffice to say, I really admired this dude and vowed to someday be the female version of him.  His message inspired my own speaking and training career.

Fast-forward to Fall 2013:  I was writing a memoir about a phenomenal situation that took place from 2006 – 2009.  In it I have a chapter about Wayne Dyer.  I’ve been working on this book for the last 3 or 4 years, but as any writer knows, it’s virtually impossible to write and work at the same time.  Either you make money working and have little time to write, or you write while your bank account slowly shrinks.  Feeling the nudge to write (or, as I blogged a few days ago, feeling Forced to Write), money problems began to surface, and nothing I did to produce income was working.

This past February, depression began setting in.  Along with a colder than usual winter and a dwindling bank account, empty nest syndrome took its toll.  (My son moved to Fort Lauderdale last summer so this was my first winter without him.)  To make matters worse, a huge contract I was counting on to save-the-day financially was postponed for 6 to 8 months.  I was already late on mortgage payments!  Without this contract, my ship was sunk.  For the first time in 15 years, I experienced a “dark night of the soul” which went on for days.  If you’ve ever experienced the “dark night”, you know what paralyzing fear feels like.  A mind-loop of failure, hopelessness, and doom preys on your mental, physical (and worse of all), spiritual wellbeing because all trust for a higher power goes down the toilet – it’s pretty sickening actually!

After days of hiding under the covers, I poked my hand out enough to hit the YouTube channel and play some old Abraham-Hicks teachings I thought I’d outgrown.  It didn’t matter to me if this stuff was truth or not, I let A-H’s “law of attraction” message pump into my ears for 3 straight days while I stayed in bed (no kidding).  Some of the messages really resonated with me, and some made me so angry I yelled at Esther Hicks through the screen “This is bull shit!  I’ve done exactly what you’re saying and my bank account is still empty!” But for whatever reason, I kept listening.  It was better than letting my mind dwell on things like a New World Order, GMOs, or a zombie take-over, so I stuck with it.

By the end of the 3rd day, I regained my grip on life, regardless of my frightening situation.  A friend I rarely hear from called to tell me about some contest sponsored by Hay House Publishing with a grand prize of $10,000.   I had heard something about it already and wasn’t interested.  I figured it was just a marketing scheme.  But my friend wouldn’t let up and pestered me until I agreed to look into it.  Sure enough, there was a catch.  In order to qualify for the contest, I would need to attend a workshop – to the tune of $500.  I certainly didn’t have $500 of disposal income.  I rolled my eyes in disgust and was about to close my laptop lid when I noticed something.

There were three “Writing From Your Soul” workshops to choose from, each in a different area of the country.  Some city in California, some city in Colorado, and…the location that made my heart skip a beat, Fort Lauderdale, Florida just miles from where my son now lives!  What a bittersweet feeling – knowing this workshop was practically in my son’s backyard (within a week of his birthday), but also knowing a trip down there was sadly out of the question financially.  It would take a miracle and I didn’t seem to be having any luck with miracles lately.  So once again, I was ready to close the laptop, when something else caught my eye – three different Hay House authors were each assigned to one of the locations.  I can’t remember who was scheduled to present in California or Colorado, because my eyes were glued to the only author that mattered to me!  Wayne Dyer!  Of the three authors, he was the one assigned to the Fort Lauderdale location!

I think it was the continual surge of chills that ran up and down my spine that assured me I’d be in Fort Lauderdale on May 3rd and 4th. Suddenly I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.  Like the skies had just opened and poured hugs and kisses down on me.  It didn’t matter that there were still missing pieces (like the money) to get there – I knew without a doubt I’d be there.

Then I remembered something I’d heard the day before – Esther Hicks telling someone in the “hot seat” about the power of putting their intention in writing.  I quickly opened up a word document and typed the following to Source (“Source of All” is the name I sometimes use instead of God – it really depends on my mood):

Dear Source of All,

I intend to go to the Fort Lauderdale Hay House writing workshop on May 3rd and 4th. Therefore, I need the registration fee of $500.  I also trust that you will supply the necessary funds for airfare and hotel and enough money for food and other miscellaneous expenses.  I plan to get there a few days ahead so I can spend time with Frank for his birthday. I leave this request in your loving and supportive hands knowing full well it’s already a done deal.  Much gratitude.

Even though I needed far more than $500 to make this trip a reality, it was really important to me that exactly $500 show up.  Because then I’d know without a doubt, that this was meant to be.  I printed the letter and signed it, then grabbed a hat, gloves and Ipod and took a long walk while belting out some upbeat tunes and envisioning my trip.   How did I know this was going to work?  Every cell in my body was already celebrating.

Less than 48 hours later, I attended a meeting of professional speakers in Philadelphia.  (I’m the president-elect for the Philly chapter of the National Speakers Association)  The current president, Shawn, may have heard me express a lull in my training schedule (at one point or another), but she had no clue how bad things really were for me.  I mean who in their right mind would want their colleagues to know there was literally nothing in the pipeline!  I had way too much pride for that!  That said, it was beyond shocking to me when immediately after the guest speaker finished their program, Shawn came to me with a pink envelope and said, “Take this and don’t ask me any questions.”  And she exited swiftly.  I held onto the envelope until I got home.  It contained a card that read, “I get the impression times are a little tough so let me help – by the way, this is a gift, not a loan!”  Tucked inside the card were five crisp one hundred dollar bills!

How the heck did she know??  Neither one of us could figure it out.  All I can tell you is that we were both in tears later that day when I called her to tell her about the miracle God had just made her a part of.

In Part 2, I’ll share…well, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!


7 thoughts on “Wayne Dyer and Me (Part 1)

  1. I had the same feeling, that I was supposed to be there and things worked out for me, too. Reminded me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind when everyone just started showing up in Wyoming 🙂

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