Have You “Come Out” Yet?


Dan Pallotta’s article “Never Lie About Who You Really Are” in the Harvard Business Review (12/18/12) really struck a cord for me.

“Your ability to stand up for your truth is a muscle, and the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. I do a lot of work in the humanitarian sector, and I find that many in the sector have let that muscle atrophy. They get into this work to change the world but get beaten down by the relentless pressure to keep administrative costs low. And that becomes their new mission. They forget how to stand up for their truth, to say, “I came here to change the world, and no one and nothing is going to stop me from doing that.”

Having just ‘come out’ with my own truth and feeling as though my world might crumble, I was smart enough to call my favorite “Truth Teller,” speaker Terry Whitaker (who helps business professionals to stop doing the “right” thing and instead do “their” thing).  Terry’s excitement for my news immediately improved my mood.  Then she directed me to Dan’s article which was more salve for my formerly tormented soul.

Last night I wrote about my recent experience switching gears in my career.  Forced to Write may sound a bit like a gun was held to my head.  That’s how I felt as I kicked and screamed to prevent having to ‘come out’ with my real mission.  But now that I finally stood in my truth, the universe (which I mistook to be a former bully), now celebrates my courage by providing validation…people are reaching out to me sharing their own ‘coming out’ stories.  What took me so long?!

A couple years ago I read somewhere that this period in time (2012 and beyond) would be the age of truth and the end of deception.  I took that to mean that all the secrets of mankind would start seeping out into the light – and that corporate and religious corruption would come to the surface for healing.  While I still believe that to be true, I now realize (just like everything else) it begins with each of us.  As we (individually) stand in our truth, the world begins to mimic our behavior and that’s when world wide healing can begin.

Dan’s article is a well-worth-your-time read and he provides food for thought on developing your ‘coming out’ muscle.  Read Dan’s article in it’s entirety:  “Never Lie About Who You Really Are”


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