Following the Light – Good idea or bad??


moth in a screenHow do we know that “the light” is really good? I spend my life looking for the light (the truth, the positive, the freedom, etc.) Well, there’s a moth in the bathroom who is stuck there because it was following the light. Lands up in the house and can’t get out. Buzzing around the window in a frenzy right now trying to get back outside. I try to help, but it’s resisting. I let it be, but I wonder how it doesn’t see the open door just down the hall (the way out to freedom). It insists on hanging near the same window screen it somehow entered last night, but couldn’t exit.  So trapped inside, it’s becoming sadly aware of it’s forthcoming demise. You can see that by the way it’s flapping around in desperation looking for freedom.

Laugh if you will, but I feel it’s pain!  And two things come to mind:

1) Is there an open door within my reach that I’m too afraid to look around for?

2) Is the quest for light even worth it? 

I bet the moth wishes it had stayed in the dark.


2 thoughts on “Following the Light – Good idea or bad??

  1. r47

    I see it all the time, my den has no screen so they get in at times but can’t find the way out. Out of sympathy I just use a rag to gently grab and release out the window then close it of course.
    Your brings me to an analogy of the travails of materialism. The light representing the bright beatifiul things money can buy, and the moth the hapless victim of seduction, like we are so prone to be.


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